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SCENIC - Acquatica CD
SCENIC's second full-length release from 1996 is a sprawling adventure into another world. SCENIC have created a 60+ minute masterpiece drawing from numerous influences to create an instrumental soundtrack for a voyage into landscapes of inner space. While some of the sounds may be familiar from their earlier releases, SCENIC has expanded their reach, breaking new ground and creating a much more universal-feeling record than their previous efforts. The core members (Bruce Licher, ex-SAVAGE REPUBLIC, on guitars; James Brenner, ex-SHIVA BURLESQUE, on bass; Brock Wirtz on drums; and Robert Loveless, ex-SAVAGE REPUBLIC & 17 PYGMIES, on keyboards) have been joined in the studio by guitarists Doug Smith and Brandon Capps (from Arizona shoegaze group HALF STRING), along with several other guests who add Chamberlin (a mellotron-like instrument) and horns to several of the tracks. As a result, SCENIC have created a thick sound that pulls the listener in with layers of mystery on tracks such as Ionia, Angelica, Dronia and Modula Raga. And as on their previous album, there are the interludes, which provide periodic breaks in the proceedings, where the listener can catch his or her breath, and prepare for the remainder of the journey to come. SCENIC's mature instrumental experiments are limitless, the band allowing each piece to dictate it's own needs. This results in an unusually fresh and organic-sounding record, and is one of the reasons that SCENIC's appeal can only grow in the years to come.

"Acquatica is a hypnotic collection of widescreen instrumentals that shimmer like deserts at sunset, suggesting a collage of Ennio Morricone's twangscapes and My Bloody Valentine's swirling noise textures."
--Guitar Player

"SCENIC use lush orchestration to enrich their vision of the desert as a raw, vivid place, creating music that leaves the vocals and guitar solos behind but possesses a spiritual immediacy that is rock & roll to the core."
-- Rolling Stone

"With the Acquatica LP, SCENIC have taken a step further out, from the spectacular to the speculative, their state of grace bringing to mind imaginary, untroubled civilizations, moments of charmed humility, romantic leaps of faith. Caught between the lures of the desert and the ocean, SCENIC find themselves perfectly poised, on the edge of wonder."
-- Melody Maker



Packaged in a letterpress-printed die cut Discfolio created at Independent Project Press.


SCENIC - Acquatica CD

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