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WOO is Mark and Clive Ives, two brothers who in the early 1970’s began to create a musical world all their own in a small row house in Wimbledon, South London. For several years they made tapes for their own amusement, never once thinking anyone else would be interested. It wasn't really important to them whether anyone else was interested, and that's one of the main reasons why WOO music works so well, and why it defies all attempts at defining what "kind" of music it is. WOO music is music which delights in its own existence, and in the process, charms the listener like nothing else. It was 1981 before anyone else suggested the world might like a listen, too, and the result was their debut album, Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong. Released in the U.K. in 1982 it received rave critical reviews in the difficult to please British press, and was licensed by Independent Project Records for US release in 1987, followed by their second album It's Cosy Inside in 1989. 

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Dobbin's Lost His Coconuts is a track recorded in the early 1990's, which escaped release until the brothers Ives put together a digital album featuring the track in 2017. The version on their digital release is an edited version, while the version that IPR included on our 2021 compilation Source - The Independent Project Records Collection is the first release of the full song with an additional minute of music at the beginning. 


Independent Project Records is currently in planning to release more of the Ives brothers' exquisitely wonderful music in physical form.

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