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Independent Project Records is pleased to present Mutant Gifts, a three song CD EP from multi-faceted New York-based artist Alison Clancy, a singular performer who describes herself as "... in pursuit of beauty and catharsis". Toward that, Alison composes, sings, choreographs and directs experimental projects bridging the worlds of music, dance, film, photography, installation and somatic study. Most of her days start with ballet and end with an electric guitar; at times on her own, at other times working with a close-knit crew of collaborators, creating intimate yet otherworldly environments: lost intersections where we search for ourselves in the shadows.

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Amidst the chaos of the past two years Alison, like so many artists through the ages, found creative refuge in a Church. Alison was invited to live as an artist in residence on the beautiful campus of St. John’s Church in the West Village of New York City. Inspired by the shimmering acoustics Alison would spend hours deep into the night composing music on electric guitar with a myriad of looping and effects pedals. It was here she wrote the hypnotic songs of Mutant Gifts and invited Brent Arnold, and the resonant warmth of his cello, to join her.

Mutant Gifts is the first release of Alison's current recordings, with more to follow. Mixed by Noah Georgeson and packaged in a deluxe, metallic oversized folder letterpress printed at Independent Project Press including three photographic card inserts, this exquisite artifact is now available for purchase.

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