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TONE (The Guitar Ensemble) - Sustain CD

    The last of our inventory of this original 1996 full-length CD features 10 tracks of Washington DC-based instrumental marching music for the post-rock set.

    Tone's first full-length release features a further exploration of their all-instrumental guitar ensemble songcraft. "Sustain" contains over 50 minutes of multi-guitar layers of sound, with special emphasis on creating and mastering the ultimate big riff, with no silly vocals on top to screw up the listening experience. Tone start off with a circular riff in "Tag," continues with a Stereolab-like drone in "Lo," attack spy themes with "Secret Satellite," and try out some new territory with "Nostalgia & Remorse," which features a more layered, melancholy approach.

    Produced by Robert Poss from New York's Band of Susans, "Sustain" is a co-release from Independent Project Records and the Dischord label, and features musicians from numerous DC-Area bands collaborating in a six-guitar ensemble. Formed in 1991 by bassist/guitarist Norm Veenstra, Tone includes Mitch Parker (ex-Government Issue) on guitar, Tom Berard on 2nd bass, Geordie Grindle (ex-Teen Idols) on electric and acoustic guitars, Kevin Kim on guitar, Phil Krauth (ex-Unrest) on drums and percussion, Josh Bennett on guitar and Jim Williamson on guitar. Packaged in a letterpress-printed die cut Discfolio, this is a limited and numbered edition of 2000 copies.

    TONE (The Guitar Ensemble) - Sustain CD

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