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SCENIC - Spheres CD

Originally released in the year 2000, SCENIC remains in the forefront of the 21st Century’s creative instrumental groups with the release of “Spheres,” a limited edition 3-song CDep co-released by IPR and the UK's Foundry Recordings. This was their first release since the critically-acclaimed “Acquatica” album four years prior. In the intervening period the members of SCENIC developed enough new material to fill two new albums, and shortly after the release of this EP released their third album, titled “The Acid Gospel Experience.” This EP contains alternate, demo versions of two songs which appeared on that album, along with a third track exclusive to this release. The group expanded their sound pallette with new instruments and effects, and in so doing have pushed themselves into the exploration of ambient, space-rock territories. While in certain aspects the music on “Spheres” recalls some of the pioneering groups of the genre (such as HAWKWIND and PINK FLOYD), SCENIC puts a more contemporary spin on the aesthetic and ends up creating something timeless. SCENIC’s music stands outside of current trends in the mass marketing of sound -- an antidote, if you will, to the noise that permeates our Twenty-First Century Culture. The SCENIC line-up that recorded this EP includes Bruce Licher on guitar & effects, James Brenner on bass, Brock Wirtz on drums, Robert Loveless on keyboards, and Mark Mastopietro on guitar, slide guitar, & effects.


Numbered edition of 2000 copies in a die-cut letterpress-printed Discfolio designed by Bruce Licher and printed by hand at Independent Project Press.

SCENIC - Spheres CD

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