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SCENIC  -  The Acid Gospel Experience CD

Scenic’s third album sees the all-instrumental group heading into “ambient space rock” territory with the original release of The Acid Gospel Experience in late 2002 as a bonus disc given away with the graphic design magazine Emigre. Released with an alternate tracklisting, and several earlier demo recordings taking the place of two of the final studio versions, this album was sent out to the magazine’s subscribers, introducing Scenic’s music to thousands of new listeners. At the beginning of 2003 The Acid Gospel Experience was officially released on CD in the USA on Hidden Agenda Records and the UK by Tenor Vossa Records. 


Spanning almost 73 minutes, and including the 18 1/2-minute improvisation A Journey Through The Outer Reaches of Inner Space, this album saw Scenic stretching their boundaries in new ways, expanding their improvisational skills and incorporating new instruments such as sitar, vibes, congas, and other new guitar effects and sounds. The album also includes a guest piano appearance on the track Under A Wing by minimalist elder statesman Harold Budd, who had become a fan of Scenic’s music over the years. Scenic’s flowing, impressionistic psychedelia integrates the influence of early '70s German experimental rock without compromising their own identity, just as they mine the spontaneity of group improvisation without sounding like a jam band.

SCENIC - The Acid Gospel Experience CD

SKU: IP079
  • 1. Year of The Rat
    2. Lightspeed
    3. The Acid Gospel
    4. Under A Wing
    5. Lunar Afternoon
    6. Skylight
    7. Lightcord
    8. The Spheres
    9. A Journey Through The Outer Reaches of Inner Space

    Original US edition CD on Hidden Agenda Records.
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album
    CD release in full-color pocket-style Discfolio with two card inserts.

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