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SAVAGE REPUBLIC  -  Recordings From Live Performance, 1981-1983 CD

This collection of early live recordings from venerable tribal experimentalists SAVAGE REPUBLIC was originally made available in 1992 as a 2x10" vinyl release in Independent Project Records’ Archive Series. Recorded during the first two years of the band’s existence, it includes one track from the group’s first ever live performance in May of 1981, several songs never recorded in the studio or otherwise released, as well as a generous amount of “atmosphere,” consisting of snippets of dialogue, band / audience exchanges and ambient club noise. All in all, it’s as good a document as one will find of the early years of this unique Los Angeles-based band.


“The one truly stirring thing about these recordings from the first two years of Savage Republic’s existence is that... no band has been able to match its mix of entrancing Eastern rhythms and artfully bared emotion, which still provide a swift intellectual kick in the pants.” —CMJ


Beautifully packaged in a numbered, hand-letterpress printed Discfolio in an edition of 1,000 copies.

SAVAGE REPUBLIC - Recordings From Live Performance, 1981-1983 CD

  • 1. Exodus
    2. Machinery
    3. Mobilization
    4. Kill The Fascists!
    5. The Ivory Coast 
    6. Procession
    7. Real Men
    8. Snakedance
    9. Tragic Figure
    10. So It Is Written
    11. Surfin’ With The Shah
    12. Flesh That Walks
    13. When All Else Fails... 

    Released November 25th, 2002
    Reissued December 3, 2020

    Packaged in a letterpress printed die cut Discfolio created at Independent Project Press in a numbered edition of 1000 copies. Includes folding insert with detailed track information and graphics.

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