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JEFFREY CLARK  -  Sheer Golden Hooks CD

Sheer Golden Hooks is the solo debut album from the former lead singer of Los Angeles-based band Shiva Burlesque, who released two critically-acclaimed albums in the late 1980's. Alan Jones of England's Melody Maker called Shiva Burlesque’s music "A trip into startled wonder." Jeffrey Clark has a unique poetic vision, and this collection of recordings from 1991-1995 range from his early, garagey, Scott Walker-style pop sound with plenty of cellos and violins through the somewhat psychedelic guitar-based songs of the mid-period and ending with his later work of prose and stories set to improvised music. With over 50 minutes of quality sounds, Sheer Golden Hooks is a wonderful introduction to a talented artist.


Packaged in a numbered, letterpress printed Discfolio at Independent Project Press with large folding insert.

JEFFREY CLARK - Sheer Golden Hooks CD

SKU: IP053
  • 1. Sheer Golden Hooks 03:11
    2. Exploded View 04:16
    3. Storyville 03:45
    4. Marianne Faithfull 05:14
    5. Cakewalk 04:02
    6. Los Angeles Times 04:14
    7. Poor King Crow 03:39
    8. A Taste of Scorpion 03:54
    9. Joyce's House of Glamour 06:23
    10. No Stone Unturned 05:35
    11. The Hanged Man 02:58
    12. The Map 08:11

    Reissued December 3, 2020

    Numbered limited edition CD packaged in a letterpress-printed Discfolio created at Independent Project Press. Includes oversized folding lyric insert.

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