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INDIAN BINGO - Scatological LP

We have just unearthed a box of the vinyl LP version of the debut full-length album by Indian Bingo.  Originally released in 1990 by Independent Project Records, this album features 9 tracks of catchy yet melancholy indie pop rock.  This may be your last chance to get a sealed original copy of this collectable gem.

Ned Raggett's review on AllMusic hits the nail on the head as far as a description of the sounds: "A collection of songs that call to mind a less strung-out, more wistful Thin White Rope. There are quicker, rockier songs here and there, like "Separation Days" and "Casim Glue Co.," but above all else it's the singing (from Mike Boul) that defines the album. He's gentle without being wispy, higher voiced without being entirely twangy, a bit like Mark Eitzel or Mark Kozelek but lacking profound melancholy, instead capturing an attractive drowning in the sound. Slathering on the echo at points -- check out the choruses of "The Ulcer Prophecy," where he lets loose more loudly than usual -- helps him further in that regard. Musically there are suggestions of high lonesome sounds transposed with a bit of guitar fire like Echo and the Bunnymen's, say, psychedelic but clearly of a newer time. Perhaps even a touch of U2 here and there -- "Flow" in particular -- but done in a way that avoids suggestions of bad stadium ballads. Phil Carney and Bill Boyle, the guitar players in the band, make for a good team, avoiding rough crunch in favor of attractive digital delay swirl. There is definitely a hint of semi-shoegaze, or at least where some of the more summery impulses of that style would go, in songs like "Goon Lagoon," its wistful chime combining with Boul's slightly more mournful touch to suggest one of the best American responses yet to the Smiths."

INDIAN BINGO - Scatological LP

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