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A PRODUCE - Black Sands 3 CD set

This limited edition CDr set of three discs comes with a copy of the original CD booklet packaged in a letterpress-printed Discfolio. This repressing was undertaken by Independent Project Records starting in November 2017 under license from Barry Craig's widow, using the remaining Discfolio covers and booklets that were part of Barry Craig's estate. The CDrs were manufactured using the same Tascam CDr duplicator that was used for the original pressing. The difference between pressings is that the original CDr labels for the edition that Barry produced were printed on label stickers that were affixed to the discs, whereas this repressing by IPR has the label artwork printed directly onto ink-jet printable CDrs, creating a more stable CDr.


Black Sands is a triple album overview of the ambient work created by Barry Craig under the name A Produce. The original edition that Barry created in 2005 was a three-disc CDr version that was packaged in a letterpress-printed discfolio printed at Independent Project Press. The release contains pieces from a range of his earlier CDs, along with previously unreleased tracks and selections recorded during a live performance at The Living Planet in Santa Monica, California, USA in November 1996.

A PRODUCE - Black Sands 3 CD set

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