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  • Jeffrey Brenneman


Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The Independent Podcast Review: 'Our love for the record label Independent Project Records has led us to start a video podcast going through the label discography release-by-release starting at the beginning…. BUT... before we jump into that, we were honored to have IPR label Bruce Licher as our first guest to talk about the label’s relaunch and the new incredible compilation Source."

Bruce Licher: 'I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to chat with old friends and musical compatriots Jeffrey Brenneman and Greg Grunke the other night as they debut their new Independent Podcast Review podcast channel today. And I'm honored that they wanted to take the effort to share about the Independent Project Records label I started over 4 decades ago, and which this year is being re-launched in partnership with my friend and fellow musician Jeffrey Clark. Very much looking forward to seeing and hearing what Jeffrey B and Greg G come up with for future podcasts!'


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