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  • Bruce Licher

SHIVA BURLESQUE video premiere at The Big Takeover

We are so grateful for our good friend Jack Rabid and his The Big Takeover website for debuting this brand new video for Shiva Burlesque's Do The Pony, from the forthcoming expanded re-issue of the band's second album Mercury Blues. Paired with an entire bonus album of previously unreleased demos and other "hermetic trax" entitled Skulduggery,

Check out the gorgeous video directed, edited and animated by Dave Gresalfi at the link below:

In June 1990, with their new lineup in place, Shiva Burlesque began work on their second (and final) album, Mercury Blues. Recording mostly during down time (and often late into the wee hours) at the Village Recorder in West Los Angeles, Jeffrey Clark, (vocals, guitar) Grant-Lee Phillips (guitar, vocals, piano); Joey Peters, (drums); Paul Kimble (bass) and cellist Greg Adamson completed a dozen songs before final mixes were played on July 4th. Among the first songs tracked was Do the Pony, a song that in its demo version built on an acoustic guitar-based riff punctuated by ghostly electric replies by Phillips. In the 24 track studio version, however, the mysterious tone and Clark’s dreamily unsettling lyric “one summer I was a kite on a string… birds on my skin carried me higher…” morphed verse by verse far beyond its planned arrangement. By song’s end it was a kind of electrified frenzy, similar in feel to what the band might have sounded like in Raji’s, Al’s Bar or the other clubs where they regularly performed in the underground scene of Hollywood and Downtown LA.


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