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  • Bruce Licher

MATH ROCK: Licher's notations for accompanying Lanterna

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I know this isn’t much to look at, but some might find it of interest. These are my notes on how to play the melodies I came up with to accompany my good friend Henry Frayne when we performed together in Sedona, Arizona in 2006, while he was touring in support of his Desert Ocean CD by Lanterna. Henry was gracious enough to let me come up with my own parts to play alongside him and his recordings, transforming them into something a bit more Scenic, perhaps.

As I don’t read traditional musical notation, and I play a uniquely-tuned guitar in which I play a unison tuning, this notation tells me which frets to play in order of playing for each song.

Perhaps the epitome of “math rock,” though the results certainly don’t sound like it!

One of the live tracks that Henry and I played together, a version of his song “B Minor,” can be heard on the Tape Excavation LP recently released via P22 and IPR.


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