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  • Bruce Licher

The Inside Scoop on IP002, the BRIDGE 7" EP

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The third edition of the Independent Podcast Review has been posted this afternoon, featuring the interview that Daniel Voznick and I did with podcast hosts Jeffrey Brenneman and Greg Grunke last week, talking about the 2nd release on Independent Project Records, the Bridge 7” EP originally released in late 1980.

This episode focuses on the Bridge 7” that Dan & I recorded in the subterranean utility tunnels at UCLA, and we talk a lot about what was going on in the art department at UCLA at the time, as well as we get into some of what was going on in the LA music scene in the early 80’s, and how the original LA punk scene started to expand into post-punk and various forms of arty underground music. For those who like to connect even more dots, Dan was also singer in early 80’s band Afterimage (whose music we are currently working on compiling for a retrospective release this year on IPR), and A Produce (Barry Craig), whose ambient electronic music we will also be working on releasing later this year, was the guitarist in Afterimage. Barry was also one half of the duo Greenland & Craig, who appeared on IPR's recent Source compilation CD. Dan talks a little bit about how he met Barry for the first time circa 1979 in the interview as well. Hope you enjoy the discussion!

Jeffrey Brenneman (former bassist in late 80’s San Diego-area band White Glove Test) and Greg Grunke (one of my former Savage Republic comrades) started a periodic podcast last year with a goal of working their way through the entire IPR catalog one release at a time, interviewing people involved in the various releases as possible. While I have a feeling that with IPR's current release schedule Jeff and Greg are going to need to step up the speed at which they record these interviews, I think it’s a very cool idea and one I’m happy to help with in any way that I can.

Front and back covers of the Bridge 7" EP.

Chez Voz: "If you'd like to see some photos of the tunnels under UCLA where we recorded the Bridge 7", you can see them on the video below. The big space is seen later starting around 2:25.


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